Spacious and Comfort Tents

Desert Adventure Camp is one of the Best Camp in Jaisalmer with Spacious tent rooms. Very courteous staff. Dark design of the interior looks like a bit impractical, but a number of good quality light sources can lit the interior very well.There is also small empty fridge for drinks in the room and plenty of tourist material at the reception.

Relax in a Peaceful Location

Desert Adventure Camp Enjoy the let evening hours on royal style sitting arrangement around the campfire while Rajasthani dinner is served and traditional musician and dancer entertain you with Rajasthani fold music.We also provide village on our guest request through jeep & camel in desert.

Enjoy Rajasthani Culture

The fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight: a massive sandcastle rising from the sandy plains like a mirage from a bygone era. No place better evokes exotic camel-train trade routes and desert mystery. Ninety-nine bastions encircle the fort’s still-inhabited twisting lanes.

Best Camp In jaisalmer: Desert Adventure Camp

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Other stuff you can do at our Desert Adventure Camp

This volume juxtaposes the history, culture, occupation and the lifestyle of people in the desert district of Jaisalmer of western Rajasthan, bordering Pakistan. Popularly called the Golden City in Desert, the city has much more to say beyond its popular fort and palaces. Jaisalmer was an old city of commercial magnitude for centuries till the onset of British rule in India.

  • Best Camp In jaisalmer: Desert Adventure Camp





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